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    IJSBA Official World Record Holder 101.7 mph Turbo GP-SHO

    Those of you who have read my other thread in the "Race Events and News" section know that right now I don't know what to do with the ski. I am grudgingly listing it for sale to see what the interest would be for the ski.

    I do not "want" to sell it. However, listing it might make up my mind for me. As the saying goes… Cash Talks.

    For those of you that don't know this is SHOdude's old ski. I think it is one of the most documented GP-SHO builds on this forum. He gave me all of the paperwork documenting the origin of the motor. It is 100% legit.

    The ski is a 2001 Yamaha GP1200R. The motor was out of his 2008 FX-SHO.

    Below is a list of parts that are on the ski now. These were purchased after I bought the ski from him so would not be in his build thread. Please excuse me if any of these prices are wrong, or if I leave anything out. It's late! I will edit the list if I find any errors or omissions.

    Riva Valve Train $724.95
    Riva Cam Gears $219.95
    Riva Gasket $149.95
    Riva Head Studs $229.95
    Riva Main Studs $179.95
    CP Pistons $964.75
    Carrillo Rods $1,099.00
    H20 Xtreme Custom Turbo Kit (Garrett Turbo) $5,200.00
    H20 Xtreme Intake Manifold $600.00
    Motec ECU w adapter harness $3,900.00
    Weldon Fuel Pump $728.00
    Weldon FPR $250.00
    Stainless filters before pump and injectors $230.00
    ID 2000 CC injectors $960.00
    Fuel Rail $160.00
    Fuel Pickup $80
    Aem O2 Sensor $199.99
    Autometer Boost Gauge $80.00
    Skat Trak pump $3,100.00
    Pump Pressure reliefs $100.00
    Tial BOV $269.00
    Turbosmart Wastegate $300.00
    Stainless Intake Grate $365.00

    For a total of $20,090.49 in parts alone.

    There has to be at least $500.00 in miscellaneous hoses, fittings, wire, terminals, etc. $500.00 in machine shop related work on the cylinders and balancing the rotating assembly. I also spent $600 in hull paint and fiberglass work to fix all the scratches on the hull underside. As you guys know, he rode a lot!

    I will not say how much I paid for the ski, as I do not know if he wants to reveal that information. However, he was asking $9,000.00 obo when we negotiated the price.

    Assuming I was able to "knock off" $500 from his asking price. ( Trust me, he's a good negotiator!) Below is how much is invested into the ski not taking labor into consideration.

    SHOdude's Conversion $ 8,500.00
    Fiberglass and Paint $ 600.00
    Performace Parts $20,090.49
    Miscellaneous $ 500.00
    Machine Shop $500.00

    Total $30,190.49

    It would be next to impossible to put a price on countless hours it took to build and tune the ski over the course of a year. The motor was fully rebuilt. Every single bearing, seal, o-ring, etc. was replaced. I do not know what a shop would charge for this work, but my first guess would be a lot!

    I will not get into specifics on the ski (compression ratio, turbo, pump, etc.). However, if it does sell the new owner will obviously get all the info.

    It can be easily changed to run on pump gas.

    The ski is very rideable. The new motor was broken in on an 80 mile ride in the Florida Keys. I would not hesitate for a second to take it out for a 100 mile ride in 101.7 mph trim. I will note though that I wouldn't go wave jumping or ride rough conditions with it.

    Also, me and Manny are VERY confident that this ski has several more mph left in it. If it sells we will gladly give the new owner our advice on what we would do next.

    The ski sits in the garage exactly the way it was when it made the 101.7mph pass. We have not touched anything. We will gladly show the new owner the speed before being "sold".

    At this time, I am not listing an asking price. Serious offers will be considered.

    I can be contacted on this site via pm, or at my email: [email protected]

    Here are two videos of the ski in action at the 2012 Riva Hydrodrags.

    Thank You,

    ATTENTION MODERATORS. I just read the rules for this section. I saw that I need to take a picture of the VIN. Do I have to post the picture on this thread? I am very leary of giving the vin to the world. I can pm or txt you the pic. Since this is SHOdude's old ski. I'm pretty sure everyone knows its 100% legit. Please let me know. I don't want to have the thread deleted! Thank you!
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    Damn, well it was good while it lasted anyway. You guys are great. Best luck with the sale! Someone will be getting a screamer!

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    TTT I've gotten a lot of interest, but nothing has panned out so far.....


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    Asking Price Update

    Maybe an actual asking price will help this out. Asking 25k obo

    A true 100+ mph ski, with plenty more left in it!

    I just don't feel I am willing to risk my life trying to push it any faster. It has officially been 101.7, and unofficially 102.5 during our testing and tuning. It has never tried to buck me or do anything stupid to me while riding it at the current speeds. However, I am not one to leave things alone, and I do not know what will happen when we try to go faster.

    If interested pm or email [email protected]

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks, Joey

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    I've gotten a lot of interest, but nothing has panned out so far.....

    Thats because we (or alot of us) just don't have 20k+ laying around. I like that ski

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    Quote Originally Posted by peteshauling View Post
    I've gotten a lot of interest, but nothing has panned out so far.....

    Thats because we (or alot of us) just don't have 20k+ laying around. I like that ski

    I hear ya.. This ski definitely isn't for everyone, but for someone who is truly looking to build a 100+ mph ski. This is definitely the ticket. 25k is less than just the parts I have in it! I can't even begin to calculate the hundreds of hours that were spent just at the lake tuning it. All the work is done. Insert the lanyard, press start, and in a few seconds you will be over 100 mph!

    On a side note. Pro Rider Magazine did an article on the ski in their latest issue! I just got it yesterday. I will try to take a few pics tomorrow and post them up for those that do not have a subscription. To celebrate (and because we felt bad for not using it) we took the ski to the lake for its first ride since the Hydro Drags (I had started the ski on the trailer once a week). It ran perfectly. Riding it again makes me regret having it for sale! Whats meant to be will be....


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    What a machine.

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    The ski is still for sale! 25k obo.

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    For Sale Update

    While snowboarding over the winter, I tore the medial meniscus in my right knee. I had surgery to repair it last week. Unfortunately this injury is very slow to heal. I don't see me getting on a pwc for at least a couple of months.

    Therefore, I have become more motivated to sell the ski.

    I will consider all realistic offers.

    Below is a pic I took of an article that was written in Pro Rider magazine on the ski.

    Click image for larger version. 

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