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    Need help picking out the right jet ski for donor

    I'm looking for a polaris jet ski to put into a custom made river running boat. Polaris has one of the best jet pumps that will take abuse from shollow running.
    I'm looking for a ski with at least 120hp but will like more, one that is carb, not efi, and that is most reliable motor. Looking for peoples thoughts on the best polaris jet ski, I just don't know polaris and need help. Thanks
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    And year model

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    I won't get into great detail, but here is some starting points.

    The Polaris red 'domestic' engine has the power. 1200 engine was the largest stock displacement (technically 1165cc for the carb engines). The '1200' engine was sold in both carburetor and Ficht DI versions from 1999 through 2004.

    Models with 1200 engines include;
    Genesis, Virage TX, Pro 1200

    Polaris 'modular' jet pumps have mostly interchangeable parts from 1994 through 2004. Impellers are stainless steel, jet pump base and nozzle are aluminum. Later jet pumps have a four inch 'extension' which was made in both SS and aluminum.

    Impeller must be matched to the engine power to allow optimal engine RPM at full throttle. Otherwise, the modular jet pumps are mostly mix and match.

    The stock jet pump 'stator' would be either the five vane black stator, which is aluminum, or the six vane unpainted stator, which is SS. The six vane is a much better stator all around, and of course much tougher metal.

    For a shallow river running boat, the intake grate will be critical. The stock Polaris intake grate may be too coarse and allow too much gravel and debris into the pump.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll be making my own intake grate to minimize the intake off rocks, Can you tell me if 2001 virage had stainless steel stator? I know the 2001 slx does, I found 2 good virage skis for 2700 . does that sound like a fair price?

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    answered one of my quest. they do have ss stator,

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