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    Judge Motorsports Kawasaki Ultra Custom For Sale

    To keep a long story short Judge Motorsports Kawasaki Ultra Custom For Sale
    This ski was bought from Bill y Dearman. It has recently been sent to Tim Judge to get a full valve job and remove the cog style pullies and install the new double belt system. The reason for the sale is i wont have the time to get to ride this Ski and put in the time needed to be able to ride this due to work. The Ski is in texas with Tim as he is in the process of putting on the new pullie kit. Below I have out what the ski has not including the full valve job and new double belt system. If you have any questions please call or message me. 1 345 525 9777

    I would also be interested in a 300 plus 8000 cash my asking price is 18000 for this ski with the new pullies and valve job done and ski ready to win.

    Custom Hull by Lee Manvell
    Hull Modified by Judge Motorsports for larger pump tunnel and Faster water removal
    Custom Seat by Lee Manvell, Seat then modified by Bullett Racing for lower center of gravity
    Custom Seat cover by Dean Morton formerly of HT Moto
    Custom Hood by Lee Manvell
    Custom Sponsons by Billy Dearman of Judge Motorsports
    Judge Motorsports Billett Trim Tabs
    Pneumatic Trim Tab conversion by Billy Dearman of Judge Motorsports
    R&D Ride Plate special cast for Judge Motorsports
    Skat Trak 14 Vane Magnum Pump "Big Hub" settup with Triple Cooling
    Air Actuated drop nozzle conversion by Judge Motorsports
    Custom Intake Grate Judge Motorsports-Race Team Specs
    Bored, Blue Printed, and Matched Intake Tract Judge Motorsports-Race Team Specs
    HTC Pistons
    Judge Motorsports Factory Kawasaki Custom Cams-Race Team Specs
    HT Moto Mats
    Vortech H Trim Supercharger
    Riva Supercharger Brackets modified by Judge Motorsports-Ease of installation and Removal
    Judge Motrsports custom Supercharger Pulleys-Longer Belt Life
    Custom Judge Motorsports Waterbox
    Foam Filled Tank
    UMI Handlebars
    UMI Steering system-Modified Judge Motorsports for Billy Dearman Specs
    UMI Trigger Assembly
    Pingel Air Actuator for Pneumatics
    Riva Trim Tab Lever
    ODI Grips
    Gates Supercharger Belts
    High Flow Fuel Pump
    K&N Air Filter
    Custom Air Intake Judge Motorsports
    Custom Exhaust Crossover Judge Motorsports
    Autronic Ignition with Custom Mapping Locked for only Judge Motorsports Race Craft

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    No offers?

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    Judge Motorsports Kawasaki Ultra Custom For Sale

    Maybe pictures will help sell it.

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