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    Should I get this?

    Hi all,
    I have been presented with a oportunity, they are giving me a 04 xlt 1200 with about 48 hours on the clock, however one piston is gone not sure wish one yet, the story is that it was stored for two years, they ran it with the old gas and walla... They just want me to pay what is owed to the bank $990, the trailer alone is $300... Im thinking about it as a project.
    Any idea how much i could spend on this best worst case?

    thanks in advance

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    Best case is probably new piston/rings/bearing, jug, and gaskets, $400-500. Worst case is that all the jugs show wear, crank bearings are damaged, and carbs need a rebuild; well over $1000. If you can do some checks like a pressure test and check the cylinder walls then you might get a better idea of how much you would be in for.

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    2 years of sitting and not being able to run it are both running against you. So all you can judge the ski on is what you can see. You won't be able to see if the crank is rusted up, the head is badly damaged, or if there's a hole in the bottom of the case. Look to see if the hull is nice or it has some nice aftermarket parts on it and figure out what those parts are worth.
    Add up the worst case parts list. You'll need to spend less then $2000 to be in the ball park of what the ski is worth. Or if you're not worried about the money and just wanna project to keep you busy and use as a learning experience, then just go for it.

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    the hull of this thing is practically new, there are hardly any scuffs, its very shinning also no dull anywhere, everything is clean nothing seems missing, cosmetically this thing is near perfect, I will charge teh battery tonight to see if I can get a read on the pistons for compression, hopefully is really just one gone I think that will set me about $500 by the time I am all set and done.

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    carbs are going to need to be gone through as well ormit may very well blow up again sooner than later!

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    I'd pull the head and check for obvious piston damage before turning the engine over. Don't want to cause further damage trying to check compression.

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