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    Start Problem FZR 09

    Went out for 3 hrs riding the other day, came back into the ramp and hit my stop button, went up to my car and reversed it down, jumped back on ski and it started and ran for about 3 seconds at idle then died like it had run out of fuel. put it on my trailer and drove home. My battery has been low on the volts 11.9 for months now but still starts fine, i just charge it up a bit before i leave to go down to the water.

    When i got home and started investigating i noticed my bilge pump wasnt coming on (couldnt hear it) when i locked and unlocked it with the remote. So i checked all my fuses and none of them were blown. Locked it and unlocked it again then for some reason the bilge started, tried to start the ski and it fired up. Ive checked it for 4 days and the ski is starting now and the bilge is firing up. Does anyone have any idea's what the problem could be or could have been as i dont want to get out in the ocean hit stop and then have this happen to me again?

    Im just wondering if the low volts could effect or cause this, my battery is still the original from new and is about 2.5yrs old

    I did search the forums to see if anyone else has had this problem but i couldnt find anything related.

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    I don't know about your starting issue but my bilge became intermittent and it did blow fuse once in a while... It turned out the bilge was going bad, I replaced it never a problem.

    If this is a stock battery, I would change it. 12.4 is the range of a healthy battery even when it sits for a couple of weeks.

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    If your battery is original then think ahead and change it.
    Battery life is usually less than 2 years.
    Better safe then sorry when riding in the ocean.
    If the battery takes a dump in the ocean your in a little bit of danger.

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    Simple stuff first; check your battery cables, wiggle them they should be tight.

    Check the fluid in that YUASA battery carefully, they tend to lose fluids and need to be maintained with distilled water. If you tilt the battery, you can easily see the water levels on the side thru the case.

    If that stuff checks out, +1 on changing battery; we just replaced one of ours with a nice sealed battery.

    just curious, is your ski stock or have you got a reflash or done anything with the ECU at all...? BTW, that's pretty cool with the ski next to the bike in your avatar.

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    ski is stock, only have bolt on bits, ie blow off valve, exhaust and intake.

    Ill do Battery First and see if it happens again, if the bilge was on the way out id thought it would blow a fuse from to much current draw, i havent looked at the electrical drawings yet but ill assume the bilge is hooked up with fuel somewhere along the lines. It would be good to know why it didnt run or start ie lack of power didnt pull in a relay or something which didnt allow the bilge and fuel pump power.

    Thanks for the responses.

    PS i need to update my Avatar as ive upgraded my bike and have a ZX10 now

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    I hot wired my bilge pump on a switch.....that way if something bad happens....cooling hose leak, or pump tunnel crack, I could manually run it and not have to run engine, or power electronics......I want to add a additional battery so I can add a phone charger, and a mp3 radio. I since used COCO's reinforcement (tm) and now I don't worry about cracking and sinking, I like that pump stays off till I need it it will conserve power on system and pump will last longer

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