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    starting problems please help

    hi, my buddy has a 2006 rxt with a starting problem. when you hit the start button the starter relay just clicks 3 /4 times.
    i get 12 volts to the relay but when it clicks it wont sent the 12v to the starter. i already put on a new relay and when i put the 2 cables together
    the starter will turn but doesn't engage the bendix.

    thank you for your help

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    Check all the connections to and from the battery thru to the starter.
    Are u sure the relay your putting in there is good.
    New doesn't insure that its working correct.
    Your starter might be crapping out.
    Bang on the starter with a wrench while trying to crank it.
    If it spins over while banging on it then your starter is on its way out..

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    You sure the battery is good?? Dont rule it out without double checking it, back to basics and all that....

    Also check the main earth cable both on the battery and on the engine block for tightness and corrosion.

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