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    Home made jerry can holder for your trailer with pics.

    I thought I would quickly write up how I made myself a single jerry can holder for my trailer, as the ones at my local boat shop just didn't cut the mustard.
    Looked around for plans on the net but didnt get much so here is my plan
    2x 350mm long angle
    4x 300mm long angle
    2x 180mm long flat bar and 2x 350mm flatbar. I used 1 inch wide angle and 2 inch wide flat bar
    Flat bar cut to size just short of 350mm and just short of 180mm.
    1x 340mm lng flat bar for bottom

    I have 2 jerry cans one metal and one plastic and both were slightly different sizes so picked the larger size to fit which was the metal size.
    Don't forget that petrol fumes can pressurize a can and thus swell in size so you don't want a perfect fit.

    I used a cheap welder from my local hardware shop less that $100. Get a auto dark weld helmet if you can frees up one hand
    Metal I got from a meal fabrication shop as off cuts for free just asked to go through their bin they were cool.

    Once the angle base was cut I pushed it together and made sure the jerry can fits in. Tack weld
    Then add the uprights tack weld and make sure can fits.
    Then add top rails and make sure can fits
    Weld in bottom support and tack weld make sure can fits.
    Used a g clamp to hold together while tacking.

    Fully weld up all seams.
    Had some old trailer clamps so welded them up aswell, hit with cold calv paint and good to go, next job is locking up the cans not sure which way to go either chain and lock or just a simple combination lock whats everyone thoughts.
    Currently just tying off with rope as it was a rush project for a weekend trip.
    Also used a bit of rubber mat on the base for the can to sit on.
    Its rock solid on the trailer not like some of these flimsy ones at the boat shop
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sweet! Thanks for the writeup and pics

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    Great Work. Looks Good. Are you planning on powdercoating it?

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    No, just gave it a layer of cold calv zinc paint. Looks good on the trailer, when I get a spare minute will get some pics for u guys.
    I ended up taking it off the trailer as there has been a few missing trailer bits at my local ramp, idiots taking trailer spare wheels, light fittings and even whole trailers lately so may have to weld the nuts on or something.
    Have a hitch helmet lock so my trailer is fairly safe.

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