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    help removing engine driveshaft

    I am removing the the engine now. My question, can i leave the jet pump on, and move engine forward to free it from the driveshaft? i really do not want to remove the rear jetdrive. Where is this "c" clip located? c

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    You must remove the pump and drive shaft. The "C" clip is under the "Hat" in front of the carbon ring.

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    You can remove the engine without removing the pump but not recommended. You would need to unbolt the front motor mount from the hull and gently lifting the engine while pushing it forward. You run the risk of damaging the pto boot and bearing assembly, or tearing thr seal inside the pto on the crankshaft. You would eventually have to pull the pump assembly to correctly install and allign the motor anyway, so you might as well do it on the front end.

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    and its only a matter of a handfull of bolts and the pumps on the floor...

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