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    rxp steve
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    8220-40 on stock ecu

    I had my wife's rxt out last weekend and ran 8220 rpm's consistently and bumping on 8240 and had no signs of hitting on the rev limiter ( that I could tell). The ski ran 8180 all thru the summer heat. I know the cooler water temps and air temps are responsible for the gains, but I thought the stock ecu had a limit of 8200rpm's. I was wondering if I should go ahead and add 1mm or let it go since I'll probably only ride 1 or 2 more times this year. The second thing is, do I have a problem with my ecu or tach. I'm running a 14/19r untouched w/o tuning rings. I've been tuning the ski's to the high 8100rpm's for the summer heat, should I lower the rpm's? We mainly use the ski's for cruising down the inter-coastal and riding the lakes. Also, could someone tell me what the ski does when its on the limiter. Does it miss or stutter?


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    Its not good to run so close if you can avoid it, it can cause a blown headgasket. What u will usually see is a sudden drop of 50 or more RPMS when close to the limiter when it actually hits the spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxp steve View Post
    I thought the stock ecu had a limit of 8200rpm's.
    Your limiter is 8300.
    +1 on what Ocman says about running to close to the rev limiter.

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