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    Winterizing 2006 RXP 215, Need clarification about intercooler

    Hi. I've got a 2006 rxp 215 that's completely stock. This'll be its first time not in heated storage for the winter and I'm worried about the intercooler.

    I've followed the steps the best I could in the service bulletin found in this thread:

    The trouble I'm having is that I don't know what the upper intercooler nipple is or the upper intercooler hose. Would anybody with a 215 be willing to take a photo and point me to the locations I need to winterize or somehow else provide me the knowledge needed to do the work before it freezes here in northwest Pennsylvania?

    I'll monitor this thread closely and will be available to provide any further information.

    I've already cleaned the ski, fogged the cylinders, tended to the battery, changed the oil. Only thing left is to fill it with coolant.


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    The IC hoses are in the front of the intake manifold.

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    If we were to use this photo of an rxp engine, would you be willing to edit and circle the ones I'm supposed to use?

    There were two that shot off the front of the engine.
    One that shot out and one that shot out and down at around a 45° angle.
    These two hoses were about 1" diameter and both connected to a 3.5"-4" metallic ring.
    Is this the intercooler?

    Please forgive me for being a bit cautious here. I'm a bit nervous pouring straight antifreeze into various parts of a 4,000 dollar engine. With a ton of hoses and me not being super familiar with supercharger systems, I'd like to make sure I don't mess it up and create a bigger problem, you know?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Supercharged Intercooled Models
    The exhaust system is self draining, but the intercooler
    andmanifold need the following protection.
    – Remove both intercooler hoses.
    – Let the intercooler drain, then connect the bottom
    – Pour approximately 200 mL (6.76 oz U.S.) of
    antifreeze into the intercooler.
    – Then pour approximately 300mL (10.14 oz U.S.)
    of antifreeze into the exhaust manifold.
    – Reconnect the upper hose.
    CAUTION: It is highly recommended to pour
    antifreeze into the intercooler and exhaust
    manifold. Failure to do so, may cause severe
    damage to these components.
    CAUTION: Use only undiluted antifreeze (100%
    concentration). The premixed antifreeze available
    from BRP is NOT suitable for this particular
    application. Its concentration will be
    reduced when mixed with remaining water
    trapped in water jackets.
    NOTE: When available, it is recommended to
    use biodegradable antifreeze compatible with
    internal combustion aluminum engines. This will
    contribute to protect the environment.
    NOTE: The engine will not have to run during this
    operation but should have been ran before, to exhaust
    as much water as possible, from cooling
    system components.
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    So in that picture I ended up disconnecting that dark black hose, I connected more hose and filled the filter looking thing with about 7oz of coolant. I then put another like 5 oz in the black hose and reconnected it.

    Is that correct? If not, what did I end up putting coolant into? I'm assuming this unlabeled blow-up that was posted is the intercooler? If not, may I ask what it is?

    Thanks for the help so far guys.

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