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    Problem areas in 05 Seadoos-What to look for?

    Hi, I am probably about to buy two 05 RXT's which the owner says is they have been occasionally started but hardly ever used. They spend alot of time sitting on a dock in a marina, so near salt water. From what I could see in the engine bay area things looked pretty good rust wise, but I wouldn't really have any idea of what's good, i have seen much worse though haha

    So far my research has told me to:
    Check exhaust valves
    rebuild supercharger
    replace flywheel bolts

    But I have essentially 3 questions
    1. Am I missing any notorious things to look out for in this model?
    2. a guy told me firmly not to try starting them due to the exhaust valves, but I kinda wanted to see them run myself. Is it worth not starting due to the possibility of damage the valves may cause? (don't know how it all works)
    3. opinions of blow off valves for reducing clutch wear? I have been told conflicting opinions on their usefulness.

    So sorry to ask so much, but I'm quite anxious and inexperienced, so I truly appreciate any help

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    Problem areas in 05 Seadoos-What to look for?

    He said don't start them??? I would def start them on the hose and let them come up to temp. Then I would also ride both for 20 minutes. Lots of skis run fine on hose but don't work in the water. How many hours are on them

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    Welcome to Greenhulk! You are correct about the 3 key issues with that year ski. The guy that told you not to start them is full of it. You need to take both out on the water to make sure they run good, and are producing the power they should. A '05 RXT in good shape should go around 63-65 MPH GPS wide open, at around 8000-8100 RPM. If they are off from this, that is a red flag.

    Checking the valves is not the recommended fix, replacing them is. I would be especially concerned if they were stored with salt water in the waterbox or in the water, and have low hours. This is a recipe for destroyed valves. They should be replaced, factor that in your price (figure $700 to replace them yourself, $1K if you have someone else do it) And figure $400 to rebuild the superchargers. Replacing the flywheel bolts is much cheaper, but a pain since it is best to pull the engine to do it.

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    You can run a sea-doo 10 seconds without any water cooling and 2 minutes on the hose. If he says to not start the machines... I say RED FLAG... or rather RED ALERT!

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    I should have been more clear, my bad. It isn't the owner who said not to start them, it was just some guy on another forum. Owner is happy for me to have a go, I just haven't really done so due to what the guy said. But It's good to hear you guys reckon he is full of it, I will give it a go as soon as I can go visit them, bit dodgy buying something without even seeing it run

    With regards to hours, one has 60 something and the other 40 something, have not had ignition on as one has no battery and the other ones battery is flat and most likely rubbish. Owners word but to be fair, it's some old rich guy where money seems to be no issue for him, they are coming from his island holiday house. So I don't think he has the time or motivation to screw me.

    Good to hear I didn't miss any important things, although another thing I heard of was timing chains breaking. Also, blow off valves worth it?
    Cheers for the replies btw

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    Problem areas in 05 Seadoos-What to look for?

    Could be great skis for the right price ...the only thing is they might not be well taken care of from a daily after ride fog flush water blown out etc and this could really affect them with the valve issues Usually us more fanatical people spend the extra time in our driveways doing the things that take them over the top. I'm sure someone like that would have factory service done but just look for signs up being "put away wet"

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    Quote Originally Posted by chileo View Post
    Also, blow off valves worth it?
    Cheers for the replies btw
    Absolutely not, the topic of blow off valves has been beaten to death on this forum, and the overwhelming consensus is that not only do they not help, they actually increase SC clutch wear. So forget about the blow off valve.

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    I'm fairly sure they have had a tough life. As soon as i get them I hope to become fanatical about preventative maintenance and looking after them. Unfortunately the general trend on the island they come from is buy them as toys, run them without maintenance till they die and buy new ones. I don't think anyone who looked after their gear would leave it out in the sun getting damaged. I will put up a picture of one to show you how they are stored and the hull. Click image for larger version. 

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    Those covers are a very recent addition, better late than never.

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    Appreciate your reply, will not bother with them then. i'm sorry for bringing it up again :P

    Another thing i've noticed with these is there seems to be an issue with the gas shock that holds up the front compartment lid. seems that the shock itself is prone to corrosion and falls apart, also the bracket snaps off. Checked about 5 seadoos and they all had the same issue, so ill have to try and find a solution that actually lasts. Also, the reverse cables seem to have issues, both of these and one near it are either jammed or snapped. lucky these things are so fun, because the upkeep involved in them seems to be huge.

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    Problem areas in 05 Seadoos-What to look for?

    Yea they look nice! I think it's actually a trend with most jet skis out there. Especially ones kept on sport ports the grand kids family come over and ride them and pop back up and turn them off They cover them once they start fading. Now I don't mean every one but more jet ski owners aren't on forums looking up maintenance tips like we are! If you put strut in the search there's a website that sells replacement ones that are stainless ! Let us know how it turns out

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