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    More water coming out of plugs than usual - 2008 RXP

    A couple of weeks ago I took my 2008 RXP out for the last time before winterizing it. The air temp was 65 degrees and the water temp was 59. It was really cold so I was not out for long (maybe an hour or two) but I just had to get it out of me before putting it away . When I pulled the drain plugs on it there was more water than usual. About 16 to 20 ounces or so. Usually I only get maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons worth of water if that at all. Now that it was put away I get to think about that all winter haha. Does anyone have any experience where they randomly get more water in their ski? It is just weird because I was not splashing around at all and I did not do any work to it or anything between the last times that I took it out. I was wondering if maybe cold weather shrinks any hoses that may allow some water to leak out of the exhaust cooling system or something? My carbon ring seems fine as I was just checking it out at the beginning of the summer. All in all its really not a ton of water in the ski but it was definately more than usual couple of drops and I am just curious. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    How many hrs? I know you said you checked it, but it could be the carbon ring, they usually dont give any signs that they are going out, untill they go out.

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    If there is 20 oz after riding i.e. no splashing etc there must be a leak/busted hose or similar.
    Low tech approach, throw a bucket of water in the hull and see if it's leaking out of the hull. Only do this if you can dry it out though.
    Best guess, you are missing a bolt (intake grate, sponson). Carbon ring is possible but I don't see this happening from one trip to the next, unless you had your ski running dry for 5+ minutes prior.
    After that, you can start checking hoses. I guess that will have to wait until next season.

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    I am at 100 hours on the dot (just did my supercharger rebuild at 85). The ring looked ok then and I had a little glance at it before I put it away for the season and it still seemed to look like it did before. Not sure what a worn ring would really look like but there seemed to be plenty of area left to wear on it. I beleive that the "taper" part is still there even too.

    And no, I never ran it dry so that probably wouldnt be it. Thanks for the advice on checking the bolts. I didn't think of that. My hoses should all be tight as I checked them on the supercharger rebuild 15 hours ago but who knows.

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    I'm having a similar problem on my 2007 GTI. The compartment would fill up with water but never used to. I've heard people mention the intake grate bolts before. If there not missing is it still possible for water to get by? I recently had it off for inspection for the first time and noticed there is some sort of sealant on the forward bolt. I didn't reseal it but maybe I should have?

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