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Thread: my 06 gp1300r

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    my 06 gp1300r

    hi, i have a black and gold 06 gp1300r that is used mainly in open choppy water for wave jumping but is still occasionally used on the flat. I have modified my ski for more all round power and holeshot for wave jumping while maintaining reliability not really going for all out top speed. I am a little unsure of what settings to put into the ecu. Mods are as follows
    -r&d 45cc heads
    -vf3 reeds with spacer + protec reed stuffers(wfo upgraded kit)
    -4 deg timing keyway
    -ff exhaust
    -D-plate +chip
    -Riva racing air filter
    -pump seal kit
    -coco tunnel reinforcement
    -Riva/Solas 14/21 set back impeller
    -jetworks holeshot kit(wfo kit with stealth fitting)
    -r&d trim tabs
    -r&d steering nozzle
    -intake grate
    -stepped stock sponsors
    -pet2100dxr tacho
    -EJK tuner ECU
    last thing i need is a leo's holeshot kit but havent been able to get in contact with him. Have sent him many PM's if anyone has one in black or can get in contact with him please let me know as im in Australia and cant call him. I still dont have rpm or speed results as im almost finished putting in the last of the mods this week then get a gps

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    Where in aus are you located??

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    im in sydney mate

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