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    2001 GTX Questions

    Just bought a 2001 GTX, Rotax. What are the assy's on top of motor that appear to be some kind of exhaust valve? Does anyone have the torque value for the retainer bolts? Where is the best place to get a manual? Thanks

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    What your describing sounds like a Rave Valve, Im assuming your ski`s engine is a two cylinder 2 stroke and not a 4 stroke.
    Should be two valve assemblies, one for each cylinder, black plastic cap with a red coloured adjuster in the centre held with a spring clip. These are bolted to the engine before the exhaust manifold by two M6 bolts. Two bolts for each one. The torque spec for these bolts are as follows. Apply Loctite 243 to bolt threads and tighten to 9 N.m (80 Your best bet for a manual would probably be E-bay or from a Seadoo Dealer. E-bay would be a lot cheaper, as you can usually buy these on cd or download them as pdf`s to your computer.

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    Thank you, Should rave valves be cleaned? They have some oily carbon buildup. Both valves were out of the cylinders and plugs were turned most of the way out of the head when I bought the ski. This was a running ski that went to a reputable dealer for body damage repair after a run in with a power boat. What conditions/problem would warrant removing rave valves from a running engine?

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    The valves only need to be taken out for cleaning really as there are no wear parts that need to be periodically adjusted. You can clean the oily carbon buildup from the guillotine slides on each valve and reinstall them, assuming all of the components are still inside them. The red coloured plastic knob on the top adjusts the pre load on the internal spring, which in turn puts tension on the guillotine slide. Depending on engine model/type,eg 787 the red cap should be adjusted so its flush with the top of the valve cover (Black cover), the 947 engine, the red cap should be adjusted so its fully tightened, this sets the correct preload on the return spring in order to open and close the Rave Valves at the proper RPM.
    Not sure why the dealer removed them, if the ski went in for hull repairs. Did the ski go in for repairs over the winter?, might just be the way they winterize a ski if they had it for any length of time.
    If you havent got a manual yet, try, i think they`re free to download.
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    Thanks heckie, you have been a big help. I'm not sure how long ski was at shop, insurance company totaled ski for $1000 less than repair estimate so the party I bought it from never had the work done. The only damage I can find is the latch is broken out of the front hatch and a small scratch on the left side of the front bumper that almost is unnoticable. I will clean and install rave valves, check their adjustment and see if the motor will start. Update!!!! Got a PDF manual. I cleaned the rave valves, and reinstalled. Installed good battery and the ski starts and runs great. Few body repairs and we are ready to get wet. Thanks again for the assist
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