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    what better cover is for my pwc?

    i need to buy a new cover for my pwc , i owned rxp 2004.
    my pwc is staing outdoor and i need the cover Will protect יןצ most from rain and water , im Deliberating Between this two
    the frist one is this Jettribe Cover that i read about him and its look pretty good
    and the Second is the seadoo OEM 2009 cover . that More expensive at $ 100 , i dont care about the price i just want the best one that going to protect my All winter long from the rain...
    Thanks Avi

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    I personally have always used the OEM sea doo covers and then bought a cheap tarp to go over top the ski and it's cover just for a little added protection. On top of that UV rays break down the covers over time along with pollutants in the rain so it never hurts to protect your cover as well when you know it will just be sitting for extensive periods of time.

    I do not know much about the othe4r cover brand you were looking at but I can tell you that making sure the ski is as dry as possible and that you have a well vented cover is very important if you want to keep the ski from getting mold on it.

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