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    New here, need simple answers.

    Been coming here for about 2 years so I figured I would just give in and sign up since I visit so much. I got a few simple questions so hopefully I can get a few recommendations.

    First, what batteries work the best in the Genesis, I bought 2 cheap Walmart Batts last year and they never put out enough amps get me to 10.5 while starting half the time.

    Second, the rattling in the impeller pump happens while flushing on both of them, but not in the water. Is this causing any damage at all, what exactly is that noise? Ive replaced a torn grease seal on one of them but didn't see any damage while i had the pump apart. Made the same noise when I put it all back together.

    Third, my skis seem to be very warm blooded, trying to get on the throttle right out of the gate is a no go, about 3 mins of 1/4 throttle it seems to be sufficient enough time to try and get on plane, normal or no?

    Third, fill me in on frequent problem areas, the ones people seem to see the most. What fuel/oil seems best and ratios that provide the best performance. Thanks for any info. If i posted in the wrong area please excuse my FNG mistake.

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    Don't worry about the jet pump rattle. Just keep the ends of the drive shaft greased, and the o ring on the end of the drive shaft needs to be in good condition. The rattling is the drive shaft in the impeller.

    Buy an Odyssey battery. Don't look back. A little pricey but well worth it.

    My guess is that the accel pump loses its prime and after running it a bit it gets primed again. One of my skis does that occasionally. Pumping the throttle a few times while its running seems to fix it for me.

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    ok im new to this its normal to have a horrible sound coming from the jet pump when started on a hose? im new to this ski and its my first one so im not sure on proper off hose starting/flushing and noises. I thought for sure my pump bearing where shot

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    New here, need simple answers.

    No even brand new ones sound like there going to blow up on the hose

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    Arrow What causes the impeller to rattle when engine is running on the trailer?

    As best i can tell, the rattle noise comes from slop/looseness between the drive shaft splines and the splines in the impeller. There is also play in the splines of the engine PTO coupler.

    As the engine rotates and each cylinder compresses and then fires, there is a rotational acceleration and then deceleration of the crank shaft. This causes the driveshaft to also change 'speed' two or three times per crank revolution. The impeller splines slam agains one side then the other, making the impeller 'ring' like a strange bell.

    The rattle noise can be reduced by;
    Ensuring the driveline is well aligned
    Drive shaft must be completely straight, not bent or warped
    Splines on drive shaft and impeller and engine coupler are not worn. Should be square shouldered, not rounded off.
    The rubber end bumpers are in place at both ends of the drive shaft *
    There should be zero end to end play in the drive shaft (held firmly by rubber bumpers)
    Inject grease into the spline cavities at both ends of drive shaft before reassembling jet pump
    Through-hull bearing/seal assembly should not have worn bushings inside. New seals with worn internal bushings will allow the assembly to vibrate and wear the grease seals
    MSX and Hurricane drive shafts have a hard mounted bearing support, which must be in alignment with the engine and jet pump.

    * Genesis has two bumpers at one end, one on the other. MSX has bumper only at impeller end of drive shaft

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