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    Landscaper clipped my ski

    Landscaper hit my trailer and ski with his riding mower, broke the tail light, bent the bracket, and scraped the rear corner of the ski.
    The gelcoat has a small gouge, it doesn't look too bad, but do I need to get the gelcoat fixed to prevent more damage down the road?
    The jerk didn't even tell me about it, I noticed it after they left.

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    Definitely fix the gel coat as you don't want water to get under the glass.

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    Call him back and file it on his INS. He will think about it then. I would then get a new landscaper. Sorry to here this. Our ski's are very exspensive now a days that people just dont understand.

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    Accidents happen, BUT if my landscaper did that and didn't tell me about it that would piss me off.

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