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    Potential Rev Limit - Stock Valvetrain with Ferrea Valves

    Hi all,

    I have an 06 RXP and will be getting a Vtech map in the next few weeks. A while ago I removed the stock valves and replaced them with Ferrea lightweight valves for reliability. I left the rest of the valvetrain stock. I have done a search and can find plenty of info on potential rev limits with springs and retainers (or retainers only) but cannot see any reference to what rev limit I could run with valves done only. I plan on upgrading to the supertech valvetrain in a while, but in the meantime I need to know which rev limiter to specify. I was thinking 8500rpm? I am sitting on the rev limiter at the moment after a recent X charger upgrade so this would give me some headroom instead of pitching the prop.

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    Not sure of the rev limit on a 06 but if your prop is pitched correctly that's an easy 2-6 mph bump.
    I've seen as little as 2-6 mph on every pitched prop.
    Pm me if you want my mechanics #

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    I think the general consensus is 8400 without springs/retainers so I would keep it close to that. You can always swap your maps later on. IMO grab the supertech spring/retainer kit when you have the funds.

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    Cheers mate, I will stick to around 8400. Once I get the springs/retainers I can up the rev limit from there. I know I could pitch the prop at the moment to be off the rev limiter but I am planning more mods in the future so the Vtech will be good to get off the rev limit now, as well as have it there for future maps etc.

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    I think with light weight ferrea valves you can go more with stock springs - i know les runs stock springs with lightened valves higher (but probably with titanium retainers)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_man_luke View Post
    I think with light weight ferrea valves you can go more with stock springs - i know les runs stock springs with lightened valves higher (but probably with titanium retainers)
    I agree that you could go higher. I think 8600 would be fine, but probably not worth the risk. Many people were running there otherwise stock valve trains with titanium retainers to 8600 rpm. All the retainers do is lower the overall weight of the valve train in the same way that lighter valves would. I'd say that you would be saving more weight with light weight valves than what you would with Ti retainers. This is just my opinion of course.

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    Supertech valve springs and retainers: best bang for buck.
    I've rev'ed mine to 9100 on holeshot and they still seem to be ok
    The rev limiter is now 8700 with excursions to 8940.

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