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    951 not behaving

    So after a fresh rebuild and the carbs going over the ski went amazing. Now it will rev from idle and will rip to 7000rpm. After a we while riding at full throttle the exhaust note changes almost like a crackling sound and right after the revs drop to between 4-5k and it won't rev out. Come off the throttle idle for a little while and boom it revs back out. This exhaust note change and the revs dropping sometimes happen 10 seconds or 30 seconds into a full throttle run?

    Im thinking maybe a water leak between a gasket in the exhaust maybe? I have racing tomorrow and really need to get this sorted, I hope someone can enlighten me!

    Thanks guys

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    May want to check the filters in the carbs. Do you run an inline fuel filter? Also, to test out your fuel valve switch, switch it from on to reserve or vice versa and see if that clears it up. Also make sure your rave valves are clean and in good working order.
    We had a rave valve that was bad and took us forever to figure that one out as well.
    Good luck.

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