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    For those of who made air intakes for speedster 200's

    I was looking around at my boat today (07 speedster 200) to see how I wanted to do 4" air intakes and I was wondering what you guys have been doing? Can you just leave the factory air box where it is and leave what I believe is called the rectifier in the factory location or will that cause issues? Thank guys sorry for the newbie questions.

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    It will cause issues....If you run a 4 inch intake the factory air box will no longer have air flowing thru it and the reg/rec will overheat and melt....Trust me, I have first hand expeirence with this!!!!

    You will need to remove the airbox and mount the reg/rec there so it gets airflow...I used really long zip ties and made an "x" pattern to attach the corners of the reg/rec's so it didnt flop around in the engine compartment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
    It will cause issues....
    As he said!
    Did it myself an had to re direct them to fresh air from the side scoops.
    I've also seen some put a computer fan on them, should work as well but prefer the K.I.S.S approach.

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    I know this is an older thread but can someone post a pic of the intakes and rectifier re-mount location?


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