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    2000 Genesis Jet drive housing

    Anyone know if there is any problem with fitting a 1998 jet drive housing with O ring on a 2000 Genesis. The parts seem the same with the exception of the o ring. The genesis did not have the o ring but I left it on the replacement housing thinking the the o ring with mistakenly left out of the original. Will this effect the performance or have any problems?


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    I think if you have the O ring on it you should be fine. Although looking that the Genesis drawings, it doesn't show the o ring. You might want to check everything out and make sure it all mates up correctly. As long as everything fits together tight and there are no gaps at all I would think you would be ok.

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    No o ring on the Genesis.

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    I already assembled the jet drive before I realized that no o ring is needed. Everything lined up and I couldn't feel a gap but I was using my fingers. Tightened the nuts to required torque. Again I didn't see any smoking gun. I'll be taking it out tomorrow, guess I'll find out then.

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    Everything worked fine no leaks

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    Quote Originally Posted by polaris 700cc View Post
    Everything worked fine no leaks
    Engine to jet pump alignment?

    The alignment is determined partly by how the pump base is positioned and mated to the hull. The drive shaft ends up wanting to be aligned with the axis of the pump base, and the engine mounts get shimmed to agree with the drive shaft axis.

    When the pump base is reinstalled it may not end up in the same exact position and 'angles' as factory. Of course, factory alignment may not have been 100% to begin with.

    If you have any question about how well aligned your engine is to the jet pump, check it with an alignment tool. Sometimes one can be borrowed or rented from a shop or another Greenhulk member.

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