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    Cheap/ cool anti-theft car systems

    Saw this on TV today, some of the mods are pretty cool (and cheap):

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    Ignition and engine disable methods come in many variations. Many, if not most, modern cars already have security or ignition disable features.

    For both current and older cars any electrical subsystem related to the engine or driveline that can be disabled with a switch and/or relay will make the vehicle undrivable.

    One important point not mentioned in that video is safety. You do NOT want your modification to be able to accidentally disable the engine while driving.

    Rigging the starter to interlock with the driver seat belt switch can be interesting approach as very few thieves would buckle up BEFORE they try to start the engine. Just don't mess up the OEM seat belt warning system.

    And NEVER mess with the air bag system or the wiring related to the air bags.

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