Over time my ski has been cavitating more and more. I use it quite a bit so that is to be expected. Here are some pictures of the wear ring and impeller both OEM.

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These pictures really don't do it justice. I have run through some nasty stuff and have got clogs in lakes, rivers and the ocean from hydrilla and oyster beds to limestone formations that made it sound like I was chewing up marbles. Kudos to Yami for designing a durable and reliable propulsion system

Amazingly, just before replacing, the ski was still doing 71mph and luckily I was thinking ahead. Got a brand new wear ring housing for $100 off Ebay and purchased a like brand new OEM impeller from RickWhite right here on Greenhulk. Shipped into Jim for repitch and replace and I couldn't be happier. ZERO cavitation and the ski is averaging about 1mph faster than it ever has done before. Going to be running it hard hard on a river ride tomorrow and can't wait. Now my standard for hole shot is running against stock RXP-Xs and wish I were going to see one tomorrow but don't think so. I think its going to be close now like it wasn't before.

So...word of advise. If you like your setup then think ahead and get parts cheap when you can.