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Thread: Got One!

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    Got One!

    This morning I dropped my ski at Messick Boat Ramp in Poquoson around 0615. It was 27 degrees with winds at 15-20 WNW. I ran about 15 miles to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay and drifted eels off of Cape Charles. Very few marks and no real bait to speak of.
    I made a couple of long drifts and around 0900 one line took off, a few minutes later I had a nice 40 inch Striped Bass in my net. I was back at the dock by 1000 hrs and had my ski and fish all cleaned up by 1130. Great short day of fishing!
    The last couple of days I also fished the Elizebeth River and caught a couple small trout. I stopped at Oceans East and Atlantic Bait and Tackle looking for live bait.
    I made a purchase and donation for the Toys For Tots gift box while at Atlantic Bait and Tackle. Don't forget the kids!
    I also fished the CBBT and caught a couple small schoolie stripers, but overall it was very slow.
    Here are some pictures I took the last couple of days.

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    Your a fishing maniac, nice catch

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    Got One!

    I hope those Alabama fans forgot to put the plug in there boat..... I'm kinda kidding 😜

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    Awesome tale. 27*? I hope I never see 27* around here. I'm whining cuz it's in the 60's most days now and so's the water temp. LOL

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    Beaut! Thanks for sharin.

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