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    Unhappy Gp1300 missing on low RPM's

    Hi all,I am new to the sport and bought my first ski a 2004 GP1300 with 80h on it.Took it out for the first time and it is missing on low RPM's.I replaced the 3 plugs but still all the same.
    Also I noticed the the exhuast manifold has 2 cracks in it.Please if anyone can help me with the mis on the low rps's.The crack can be fixed by means of welding.The ski has been standing for 2 years.

    Please i need help ....

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    First fix the crack then next make sure you have all the old gas out of it and clean the fuel filter. Do a compression test and report the no. Check to see if it still has a cat. Converter still on it. It wouldn't hurt to mix some 2 stroke oil in the gas in the first tank to make sure the rings are lubed well.

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