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    2012 RXT-X, How hot does the waterbox get?

    2012 RXT-X with 38 hours on it. I have just recently bought this Seadoo and have only personally put maybe 1.5 hours on it. I noticed that the bilge siphon hoses were stuck to the waterbox. After looking a little closer, I noticed that the outer cover to a wiring harness that runs by the waterbox had melted somewhat also. The siphon hoses were not melted through and the wiring doesn't appear to be damaged. How hot does the waterbox get? The straps that hold it in are rubber. I just got my maptuner to try a Vtech tune on it and there was a code stored in the system. The code was p2428 which is exhaust gas temp too high. I don't know how long the code has been in the computer. There were no lights or errors displayed on the panel that I have seen. Any ideas what could be going on? I did see in the manual where it says the quick connect adapter left on the flushing connector could be a potential problem. It was indeed on the flushing connector, the previous owner left it on and rode it like that. I don't understand how it could cause overheating. I did a search and found that some riders leave the connector on and don't have an overheating problem.


    Crummy cell phone picture below.

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    From my experience the waterbox can get pretty hot, especially since it is in such a tightly packed area. I would just keep an eye on those 2 lines, don't want water coming through those siphon hoses into the hull.

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    It can get VERY hot, especially if the main water intake hose splits wide open, trust me I know! So hot that it will melt the plastic holders that keep the WATER BOX centered with the strap in place and anything else it touches in a matter of seconds.

    Use ZIP TIES and move those bailer tubes up high into the hull, away from the water box. This will keep the bailer system from siphoning water into the hull and keep the hoses from melting. Move and Re-route all electrical connections, hoses, etc away from the water box. You can use zip ties on the left motor mount & hoses/wires to accomplish this task.

    Simply clear all Fault codes with your maptuner, and keep an eye on it.

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    Although it does get hot, the most likely cause is running it out of the water too long without flushing water flowing. Without water flowing, it doesn't take long for it to get really hot.

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    Running it without flushing water from the previous owner may be the problem. I have fastened the siphon hoses away from the waterbox and worked on the wiring harness. I cleared the code with the Maptuner.

    It is predicted to be a balmy 62 degrees here in NC tomorrow. I am going to take it to the lake and test out my new Vtech tune. I will monitor the area for further problems.

    Thanks for the help guys.

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