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    '07 RXP... seized up?

    I am trying to help a buddy fix his ski, and all I've ever worked on is 2 strokes... my question is this: Should I be able to turn the prop shaft by hand? I believe the engine is seized up... on a two stroke I can tell easily by taking off the intake grate and trying to turn the shaft.. On this RXP I can't get it to budge... and it just buzzes when you try to start it.

    Before I deliver the bad news, is there something about a 4 stroke pwc that I should know, that I wouldn't be able to get the shaft to turn?


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    Have you taken the pump off and tried to quickly turn the motor over to see if it will go?

    Also, make sure battery connections are good and that the battery itself is good.

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    you can get a prop tool for a 155 ski and when you pull the shaft out you can use tool in back for motor to turn over with wrench

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    You will never turn over a 4-tec by grabbing the shaft by hand while the pump is still in. You need to do the other steps that jk111 mentioned.

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    okay great thank you guys for the answers. I will update you on what i find out.. also going to try and see if there are any codes.

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    it has valves that have springs so its alot harder to turn over by hand. Pop the pump cone and put a wrench on it.

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    Take the Variables out Pull the pump first see if prop free spins,No Crank then Move to supercharger,quite Honestly you can get a socket on the supercharger( it may have seized). I pull the plugs first it would help some. Eliminate pump and sc then Move to Engine you can also take a quick peek at dipstick might not always tell but can cut to chase if Milky.

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