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    02 Seadoo 4tec communication link issue

    Hello friends. I'm working still on this 02 Seadoo 4tec that had a broken crankshaft, rebuilt the whole engine along with all of the roadblocks and headaches it came with and now it still doesn't want to run. The issue it is having is it will start, but it smokes like a bastard and has to have the throttle feathered back and forth and won't idle. Tried swapping out the idle bypass valve for a known good one as was suggested to me in one of my previous threads concerning this machine and to no avail.

    The codes it is throwing are: 168120 & 168220 (I don't think these codes match up perfectly to the BUDS system codes as I am using a ScanSea)

    168120 MPEP Occurred Fault : Communication problem: instrument cluster message missing. Check system circuits 1-10 & 1-11

    168220 MPEP Occurred Fault: Communication problem : ECM message missing. Check system circuits 2-10 & 2-11

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    So I know where to look but I am just not sure exactly how I should be checking it. Should I be checking for resistance between the two end of each wire? It almost appears as though the MPEP is bad. Is there a way I can check this specifically? If it turns out to be bad does anyone have a lead on a new one?

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    Did you check the fuse for the guage and the communication???? I think it is a 1 or 2 amp????

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    02 Seadoo 4tec communication link issue

    I did yes. I replaced all the fuses just incase. It may be relevant to note that the MAINT light continues to flash for service on the gauges for the first few seconds, even though I have already reset the service hours.

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