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    2004 Polaris MSX 110 pistons

    Hi Guys, >>
    I知 not sure when to start a new thread but the tear down is done and it痴 time to start the rebuild. I知 in the process of having the Nikasil on the block of 2004 MSX 110 replated and honed to the manufactures original specs. I知 having some difficulty finding the correct cylinder replacement. If I try the original part (Mahle 85P90) I come up with nothing. If I look at Polaris MSX 110 I come up with 5 different sizes and a price range of $95.00 to $350.00 per piston. I believe I知 looking for 85mm, if this is not correct please correct me. Can anyone recommend a good cylinder at a reasonable price? Again I would like to thank everyone at the GreenHulk for all their help and great advice during the teardown. Thanks again Tbowt>>

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    contact Randy @

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    I had also gotten new pistons for my engine earlier this year. There was some wait while they came from overseas, I think.

    There is only one size piston for the MSX 110/150. Contact Randy at ( or you can also try EBL Watercraft (


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    Hello ,

    i confirm that only on size for msx 11O -150 and benelli hydrospace original is MAHLE , and only make for WEBER diameter 84,90 mm and there's some after market to replace original .
    at :
    for prox with 3 dimension repair kit

    and the same was on athena catalog

    at BIHR catalog page 7

    And the original one are good piston when you want stay on stock motor or resleeve and may 800 or 850 cc kit on your msx .

    Good day

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