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    looking a lil question and aswer

    last week I went out on my 2005 seadoo rxt and out of nowhere my dess post decides to stop working without the key on (it did this the whole day and the bike was riding fine) i got tired so i parked it for a lil thinking it would reset or something. when i went back to start it,it wouldnt start all I was hearing was the starting solenoid making a click sound every time i hit the start button so i called a friend for help an he used a pliers and touch the 2 wires on the solenoid to get it to start so i could get home. when i got home the solenoid stopped making the click sound and the bike wouldnt roll eaither i could only hear the fuel pump priming

    any ideas what i could be the problem

    (i didnt change the dess harness yet but it was ridding without the key on so i didnt think it would prevent it from starting)
    o and also it had that p-code i cant remeber at this second,but it was for error 12v to dess i think but its gone now

    please help

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    With the DESS staying on your battery is draining all the time.

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    i made sure to plug off the dess and i put the battery on the charger yesterday it didnt make any difference still no crank but if i put a pliers to bridge the connection on the solenoid it would start i even went buy i new solenoid

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