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    Why does it suddenly accelerate?

    I have a 2000 model XA1200Y.

    The ski runs fine except:

    I'm running straight at full throttle and doing about 60KPH by the guage. I know this reads a little under so call it 65KPH. It can sit like this for minutes then all of a sudden it's like an afterburner kicks in and races up to 75KPH (probably about 84KPH). Then after a time or a couple of throttle up and down it is gone just as quickly and back to 60KPH.

    Would really appreciate it if anyone can give me a hint as to where to look for this so I can get that top power all the time.


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    Is this a powervalve 1200? Sounds like the PV servo motor may be faulty or valves all gummed up. Try on the 2-stroke section.

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    Yes it is a powervalve.
    Thanks I've got a full manual so will look up how I can check those things. I'll also put it on the 2-stroke as you say.

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