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    Turning crank by hand with plugs in

    Hi guys, new member today but have been reading the forums for a while. I bought a 2000 GP1200R that needed a full rebuild which I have just finished, PVs, reed valves, carbs are on, no exhaust yet. I put the plugs in and can turn the crank by hand with a bit of force, is this normal? I didnt think I should be able to turn it with the plugs in but this is my first rebuild so I'm new to it all. All cylinders seem to have the same amount of pressure too. I can hear air leaking though if I listen hard, which I assume is through the ring gaps? Let me know if this is normal, am looking at putting the engine in tonight. Cheers

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    better play it safe and do a leak test on the engine before you put it in the hull. it will save you alot of frustration down the road. check this forum there are alot of good techniques on how to do the test but basicly you have to seal the engine and pump it with compressed air.

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    Sounds pretty normal. A crankcase leak test is always a good idea on a fresh rebuild.

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