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    Opinions on a '98 GTX Limited

    On impulse last summer I bought an '89 Waverunner for sale on the side of the road, without knowing anything about it or PWCs in general. I'm hooked, and looking to jump up to something a bit bigger this season. I figured I'd try to prepare myself before making this purchase.

    I know I want something that can pull a skier or tube, and I've got about $2k to play with (Although less is always better!).

    I've stumbled across this '98 GTX Limited for $1800, and it looks like by far the nicest thing under two grand in my area. I do have a few questions though. (First the ad).

    The hours on the machine aren't listed, but I am planning on asking the seller. Is it safe to assume these engines are good for 150+ hours, or do most people rebuild them around 100? Is there anything else I should ask the seller, or any common problems I should look for when I go look at it in person?

    According to the Nada price guide the asking price is a little bit high, but I really can't find anything similar for less money. Realistically, is this a good price for the ski without the trailer?

    My final question is about the weight distribution of the ski. My plan at the moment is to make the two hour journey home using my current trailer, but it will definitely be too short. Considering this ski is a full two feet longer then my waverunner, I'm thinking it might overhang a foot at the back (after I adjust the trailer, I'll have to measure everything to confirm this though). Would this potentially cause any damage to the ski? The alternative would be finding and purchasing another trailer, but to import it to Canada it would have to have been manufactured before 1995 (to avoid a lot of paperwork).

    Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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    You will probably get mixed reviews on the 951, some love them some hate them.

    I got mine as a project ski about 6 or 7 years ago I rebuilt the motor along with rebuilt carbs new fuel lines and some cosmetic stuff. It has been the most reliable ski I have owned it still looks good, handles the chop nicely and will tow just about anything or anyone I have hooked it to. The only negative is with towing it goes through fuel like it has a hole in the tank.

    With preventative maintenance the 951 can be very reliable. The downside to buying used is you have no idea how it was treated by the previous owner.

    If you do buy it this is what I would do:
    1) If it has gray fuel lines replace them.
    2) Rebuild both carbs with genuine Mikuni carb kits.
    3) Make sure the fuel selector valve is clean and clear.
    4) Clean the RAVE valves.
    5) New spark plugs.
    6) Service the jet pump.
    7) Make sure there is oil in the counter balancer shaft cavity.

    Good Luck

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    I agree with canuck, I had a 99 GTX (basically the same ski as the 98 you are looking at) that was my wife's ski for several years until we went 4 stroke a couple of years ago. I bought it as a project ski, rebuilt it, and it worked flawlessly for several years. The 98 version had some low end plug fouling issues they corrected in 99 with the dual coil ignition, as well as some mid range lean out they corrected with the TPS ignition retard.

    You can't really go by hours on a 951. Some blow up at 10 hours, some blow up at 300 hours. (It WILL blow up, you just don't know when, LOL) I would consider 100 "old" for a 951, but check the compression, and listen for piston rattle on cold start. (I have fixed quite a number of blown 951's, all with dropped piston skirts. It was a poor design, put too much stress on the skirts, and when they start to collapse, there is a distinct rattle to the engine. Don't confuse this rattle for the always constant pump rattle though...) If you have good compression and no cold rattle, it should be good to go.

    Follow canuck's advice, and you should be good. Just don't run that ski at a constant mid range speed and the lean out won't be a problem.

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    Thanks for the great replies!

    I don't mind rebuilding carbs, or spending a little money on plugs and fuel lines. The mid range lean out worries me though. I don't mind premixing gas, but chances are the previous owner was unaware of this condition. I really don't want to end up with something that I have to rebuild, as I am currently in school (About an hour and a half away from my tools too!). Any major repairs would seriously cut into the season (Which is already short enough up here!).

    That being said, I'll probably take a look at it anyway since I'm in the area next weekend. I'll keep your advice in mind, and post what I find!

    Thanks again!

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