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    RXP-X vs RXP-X IS system

    I am looking to buy a rxpx hull 2012, and and drop an engine with a big super charger etc.. My question is the electronics. For the most part the only difference I notice is the electric reverse, and wiring harness's are different for the new ecu and cluster.

    If I use the older no IS ecu (2010) from RXP-X 255, would it be possible to have reverse, and all other features working?

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    when you say "IS" i assume you are meaing ibr as in an i control ski correct? the older ecu will not work with new ski, the harness is different, the cluster is operated through a can network, everything is different, now if you have the factory ecu and harness for the rxpx you will only have to buy a few things to bolt onto the engine to make it work, still expensive but there is no way you can make an older ecu operate an ibr boat

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    Lmk if your interested on the harness,ecu and cluster of a 2012 Rxt-X

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