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    2002 virage TXI service codes

    my name is Luis I own a small shop, I would like to thank the forum for all the info on this skis (been reading for some time). I re build a virage txi engine new pistons, rings, gaskets, new crank case etc... The owner lend the ski and don't know what happened, engine had water damage replaced crankshaft and crankcase because a bearing failed, also replaced one head debris from bearing damage the head.

    Engine sometimes runs rough for short periods.

    Polaris virage TXI 2002


    - Pressure and fixed pressure regulator problem.
    - Cleaned tank and fuel system (old gas).
    - Unplugged tps and has the same problem.
    - Made the led service code reader and read this codes:
    code 17 Alternator voltage below expected
    code 43 Coolant temp sensor above expected range
    code 12 TPS circuit malfunction
    code 47 Air temp sensor circuit malfunction
    code 49 Air temp sensor above expected range
    code 41 coolant temp sensor circuit malfunction

    - Tried to clear codes and run again but codes didn't clear this I think is because hard codes.

    My questions are:

    Code 17 is for low battery (battery run low after cranking)?
    Code 41 means that EMM need to be repair?
    Code 43 means that ski was run without water?
    Code 12 means need to replace TPS?
    Code 47, 49 means that I need to replace air temp sensor?

    Thanks in advance for the help

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    Code 17 is the 45 volt injector/EMM electrical system, not the 12 volt battery system.

    Check for water/corrosion damage in the sensor connectors, and check the actual sensors for correct electrical resistances.

    TPS sensor do fail and cannot be bench checked. Replace with a new sensor to see if that code will stay cleared.

    Also check the actual connectors at the EMM, including the big. 40-pin connector. Should be zero corrosion and no moisture in those connectors.

    It is possible the EMM itself needs repair.

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    Hello thank you very much for the help.

    Checked connections on sensors and EMM no corrosion damage.

    Read on DFI tech page the following:

    My ECU/EMM has been overheated and now the engine runs poorly. What has happened?

    If your water cooled ECU/EMM has overheated, there are several possible failure modes. The most likely is damage to the switching regulator circuitry of your EMM. This generally results in a code #17 or #27 (battery or alternator voltage) errors.

    Most likely that EMM need repair

    I'll check resistance on sensors and let you know.

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