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    Why does it suddenly accelerate?

    It was suggested that I ask on this forum.

    I have a 2000 model XA1200Y (powervalve).

    The ski runs fine except:

    I'm running straight at full throttle and doing about 60KPH by the guage. I know this reads a little under so call it 65KPH. It can sit like this for minutes then all of a sudden it's like an afterburner kicks in and races up to 75KPH (probably about 84KPH). Then after a time or a couple of throttle up and down it is gone just as quickly and back to 60KPH.

    Would really appreciate it if anyone can give me a hint as to where to look for this so I can get that top power all the time.


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    Probably power valve servo motor not working right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIM'S PERFORMANCE View Post
    Probably power valve servo motor not working right.
    What Jim said.

    If you check to make sure your PV's are working and they are. Stop ridding it immediately it might be a carb issue.

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