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  • Rebuild my engine?

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  • Part out the ski?

    2 66.67%
  • Trade my Jigsaw puzzle, $500 and some shipping to SBT in Florida for a new engine?

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    Cool 92 XP 587 twin carb

    ok, so this this is mint, well the HULL IS MINT. the engine - not so much, when it came to be in my possession the engine was in all its entirety in the hull, only in about 30+ peices, with about 10" of water in the bottom of the hull.

    Not good, when the crank and top of the engine case are half immersed in said water/oil mixture.

    step 1- take parts out of hull
    Step 2- drain said water/oil mixture
    Step 3- take all parts into garage to inspect!!!

    assesement - well, the hull is mint!!

    so people, now what?

    let me know what you think i should do, put "humpty dumpty" back together with some new parts


    cut my losses and part this thing out?


    get a rebuilt engine from SBT and have mine shipped all the way from western Canada to Florida
    then wait for one to come back?

    you pick people, majority rules
    14 day poll, PLEASE VOTE!!!

    oh, and did I mention that I got the ski for FREE?
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    Come on ppl, are there no purists here?

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    Rebuild her. She's a piece of history and will put a big ol' smile on your face when you hit the water!

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    I don't why there isn't a lot of good things said about SBT but I'm in Surrey BC and got a 717 from them. I don't have anything bad say about the experience. I used a shipping place in the US to save some $ and the engine arrived in 2 days once they got my core. I popped it in and she fired up first time. Ran all season this past summer. So I say get a motor and go have fun the older smaller 2 strokes are way more fun than the huge things they make now.

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    why was the engine apart.what parts are screwed up.put all parts on a bench and inspect.make a list of what is much will it cost for a sbt much will it cost to fix your you have the tools and knowledge to fix your engine.just somethings to think about.thanx richard.

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    Since it was free you should thoroughly clean and inspect everything then rebuild with good used parts. I've done it many many times and am putting 3 different skis together right now to sell this summer. Your total investment will be low and you can enjoy it for a season or 2 then sell it for at LEAST what you have invested and step up to a little newer machine. 587 parts are generally cheap.

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