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    2012 RXP-X All Messed Up


    I have a 2012 Sea-Doo RXP-X purchased back in February of this year. Was running great until about 7 or 9 hours. Then the supercharger stopped producing full boost and the engine wouldn't hold RPM's after 5,000 RPM's and higher. Power would jump up and down and power would come on and off, and the ski would only max out at like 55 or 60MPH. Kept driving it until 13 hours and then took it in for service. Dealership said it was a bad spark plug, so they replaced all three and did an ECU flash/software update. They did a water test and said all was well and gave it back to me.

    Dropped it in the water last Wednesday with 13 hours on it and it seemed to be running okay. Was getting 90% power, rpm's jumping up and down a bit, and supercharger could not light up all the bars on the X-Boost Gauge. Last bar would blink on and off, and only topping out at 60mph. Still enough to have fun so I kept driving it until today.

    But today I suddenly got IBR light on in red and CHECK ENGINE on the display and engine went into limp mode. Disabled Reverse and Neutral so I just parked it. Waited a few hours and tried again, seemed to be okay until I goosed it to over 7K rpm and same thing all over again. IBR on, CHECK ENGINE on the dash, limp mode. I dunno wtf is going on, does anybody have any info on this issue?

    I also have a 2012 RXT-X so I know how the engine is supposed to run and my RXP-X definitely has something wrong with it since that 7 hour mark and was obviously never repaired the first time around. Any info is appeciated.


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    Not familiar with all the new electronics but i would check slip on charger for starters.

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    2012 RXP-X All Messed Up

    You may have a bad IBR modulator motor.

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    If you do not have an extended service contract-- buy 1 while you still can.

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    Its is going to have to go to the dealer to have them hook up to BUDS....No telling what the codes are or faults....

    I am not saying that your dealer is bad, but sounds like they may not know the obvious stuff...Do you have another dealer near yu that you can take it to??

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    check your fuses, might have corrosion around the blades and not making proper contact

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    Get the extended warranty....

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    +2 on the extended warranty with Seadoo

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    AT the first sign of a boost issue, I would have pulled off the SC air intake hose and tried to turn the SC wheel by hand. If it moves more than a slight amount it is probably trashed, and requires full engine tear down. The next step to check is obvious boost leaks from SC to IC hose clamps and IC to TB hose clamps. The iBR light sounds like a different issue. Make sure there are no wiring harnesses touching the water box and getting melted as this will and has caused lots of troublesome issues.

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    Thank you for the responses. I barely made it to the boat ramp today. I had Check Engine/Limp Mode light on, Low Oil Pressure light on, and IBR light on. Display was scrolling "CHECK ENGINE" and "LOW OIL PRESSURE" and I was stuck in limp mode. I kept having to restart to refresh the system because it would start beeping and would not stop until I restarted. I could not rev past 3,000 rpm / 8mph it was awful.

    Dealership is picking it up Monday morning, I did not even bother looking at the fault codes. It seems like I have multiple problems occuring with the engine, SC, and the IBR. I don't have the extended warranty but maybe I should buy it. I did not try any of the checks people suggested but I will update this thread once I hear from service department, maybe it will help someone else out in the future.

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