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    Possible eye candy to some.

    Was bored the other night, so i decided to rip part of the nozzle of the 97 SPX. (will do main housing later this winter).

    Sand blasted it up, and powder coated it myself. ( i have a small set up i do for myself and friends)
    Color is a little "WTF"(light purple punch) but it is pretty plain ski since i removed ALL the decals.

    Please dont mind dirty work bench.
    Will update as i get the whole thing Powder coated.

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    Thats pretty cool if you ask me. I bet it will look sweet installed on the ski.

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    your venturi is composite and you won't be able to PC it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZuminaZX View Post
    your venturi is composite and you won't be able to PC it.
    What is a composite? What sort of material?

    you can powder coat anything that can withstand heat. Metal is just easiest cause you can send a charge through it.

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    6 months down the track and the nozzle will be the original black.

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