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    93 Sx 750 rebuild

    Iput a new top end on sx 750 I put pump back together with new berrings. Put pump back on installed drive shaft pushed it into place put motor back in drive shaft moves in and out of coupling with about three inches of tra vel forward and back. In fact there is enough movement to completly seperate the shaft from engine. This can not be right. any Ideas?

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    Sounds like the engine bed plate was put on backwards.

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    That can't be it cause I never seperated the engine from the plate. But thank you for the Input cause while reading you reply I figured out what the problem was, I parted out an old SX Xi 750 and all of the parts that came out of that boat were not put away and when it came time to put the pump shaft back in I simply looked at the two and chose the one that was in the best condition. That was not the right thing to do cause one was about two inches shorter than the original. I had to pull everything back out to get the right one in but what else would I rather be doing on a December day than that?

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