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    impeller and jet upson a 1994 sl 750

    okay i have a 1994 polaris 750 sl and i was concidering a new imppeller and a 6 vane jet pump by skat track. i was looking at there impeller chart and was a little confused would i be able to put a 12/17 swirl on it with no modifications? Second would the 6 vane d-75 jet pump would it be worth it? and not have to modify anything ? i know im kinda ramboling but i just want to make sure im not wasting money here i would like to gain both acceleration and top speed. if you have any other suggestion it would be much appreciated!

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    On a 1994 SL 750, they recommend the 13/18. As with any modification, you should keep an eye on your piston wash and RPM, but that should be pretty good as far as bolt on and go.

    The Skat pump is EXTREMELY over priced. You can get an asian trend/OEM SS 6 vane pump for much less than a genuine Skat pump and be just as good or reliable. You can get a good used pump for around $150.

    Yes they are a good upgrade. You gain a little top speed, and the vanes don't break or chip like the stock aluminum ones do.

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    Yes on a SL the 13/18 should be good. We tried one on a SLT and I felt it was too much prop for it. Keep on the look out. You can find a 6 vane stator for 100 bucks or so if you are patient. I have one with some damage on 2 of the vanes you could have for free, but I don't know how good it would be.

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