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    speedometer wheel with aftermarket rideplate

    i know alot of people have had issues with speedometer accuracy after installing aftermarket plates with more angle than stock or with a different speedo location all together with little success.ive heard of some people trying to shim the sensor itself so i thought id try my hand at it after having it not function for so long.on my jims r&d plate with no shims outback 1/8" washers in the two front speedo sensor bolts gave me consistant readings within 2-3mph that of gps readings.reading isnt perfect but it isnt gps perfect from factory anyway from what im told.hopefully my tinkering will give those a headstart who decide to try it themselves.later guys

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    can you post a pic of what you done.

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    you wouldnt be able to tell what i did now that its installed by pictures.when you change the plate angle the water doesnt travel straight through the speedo wheel like it did on the stock plate which is why you dont get a good reading.on my r&d plate the speedo bolts from the inside and all i really did is i placed 1- 1/8" washer on each of the two front bolts between the speedo and the plate so it can sit at the same angle as it did on the stock plate and it works.

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