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    New wheels question?

    I just bought two '96 GTX's on a Shoreland'r dbl trailer and plan on ordering a new set of wheels / tires; plan on keeping the originally spec'd 20.5x8.0-10 (205/65-10) tires unless anyone suggests differently - pretty tight tolerance as is with the fenders.

    I really am generally past wanting / needing fluff and believe in Form-follows-Function but still do appreciate form...

    The following alloy wheel is not much more than a galvanized steel wheel and I think would look quite sharp, especially if we re-paint the trailer in a nice black - $240 shipped for the alloy pair.

    Or we can get a galvanized pair for $200; I'm assuming it's the same Kenda Loadstar tire.

    I would assume the lighter sprung weight (yep, I know - reaching ) of an alloy wheel would be advantageous and better for a marine environment.

    Any functional downside to an alloy wheel? Thoughts?
    Anyone have experience with this site? E-Trailer's cost for the same tire on a galvanized rim is $224.


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    Welcome to the site! Make sure whatever direction you go that the tires are DOT certified - here's a site that will give you some more options if you haven't found it already -

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