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    Xp 951 seized were to start

    Hey so i am completely new to seadoo work but not to our xp 951 took on water...a good amount but it did start afterword. We then tried to start it a week later and just got a clicking like an electrical thing so we tried a different battery. Nada so we decided just to take it in and we were told it was seized. We are not going to pay to get it fixed but fix it our selves were should we start?

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    I would remove the spark plugs and see if you can turn the motor by hand. If it won't turn, next step would be to remove the jet pump and drive shaft, to eliminate that as a source of the seizure. If the engine still won't turn, then its time to tear into it. A lot of times you can find whats wrong by pulling the heads and taking a look. Your issue very well could be electrical, such as a ruined starter or bad solenoid. Does the motor jump at all then you hit the start button, or is it just a click and no movement at all?

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    If it sat with water in it for a week - it maybe stuck because of rust..
    Which is most like the case if it did not seize while running..
    But now it has been sitting way more then a week rusting too..

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    Go out today and pull the spark plugs. Ground the spark plug wires and try to crank it over. If water comes out of the spark plug holes you need to crank it over until the water is gone! (if no water check electrical issues listed above) Re-install the spark plugs and crank over. Try to start. If it fails, remove the spark plugs, again ground the wires, and crank it over. Do not crank over for more than 5 seconds. Starter will overheat. Give it a 30 min break after you complete 5 cycles of starting to prevent starter overheating. You may or may not be able to get it started. Keep trying, the worst that could happen is that you already have a seized engine. If you get it started run it on the hose or get out to the lake to completely dry out the engine.

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    Xp 951 seized were to start

    I had clicking recently that drove me crazy ended up being starter .. An easy thing to pull and check .. Or u can always jump it with jumper cables to test it.. If u cranked a lot to get it started it doesn't take much to burn them up

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    If you decide to jump it unhook everything and jump the starter only. Jump starting is a good way to fry your electrical system.

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