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    water bypass valve

    Hi all im new to green hulk but i have a question, I have a 2008 ultra 250x and im just woundering how much water is ment to be coming out of the vlave on the side of the ski when crusing along.

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    A pretty good bit. If you are not getting much start easy. Make sure you do not have any kinks or breaks in the hose going to that fitting. If you are concerned about the amount can you run the ski and video it on the hose so we can see if it is normal.

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    water bypass valve

    Take the flush out cap off while under way verify water is flowing out. If so leave it off for a few minutes to flush the system. Reinstall the cap verify decent flow at the pisser on the side. If water is barely coming out flush out cap shut ski off and inspect for derbies in the pump.

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    Thanks guys turned out to be a little bit of debree in exhaust outlet to the pisser

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