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    seadoo rxpx 2008 cavitating problems! help :(

    hi, my names andrew and im new to jetskis and recently purchased a 2008 seadoo rxpx 255.

    when i purchased it my mate test rode it and informed me it was cavitating and it needed a wear ring. a week after i got it i got the wear ring changed and it was running perfect no more cavitating. i was a happy camper!

    a week later i took it to a lake a couple hours away. rode for 5 hours and all was good! until going to the boat ramp i heard the sound of a rock flicking around in the pump. i tried to reverse and the ski would just vibrate and not move anywhere. tried forward and same thing. so i turned the ski off and winched it on the trailer. i then started it off the trailer n revved fine. so i assumed what ever was stuck in there fell out. anyways so i took it out a few days later and it was running alright but it was cavitating again and i just changed the wear ring a week before that.

    hot weather forced me to leave it n take it out like that 2 days ago and still cavitating but running fine apart from that. last night i pulled the pump out to inspect the wear ring and the prop. heres the photos of what it looked like.

    Attachment 288466
    Attachment 288465
    Attachment 288467
    Attachment 288468

    i flipped the wear ring over and got rid of that little nick in it. and sharpened up all the blades on the prop and re installed it. do you think this is what was causing the cavitating?

    just before i reinstalled it i noticed that the little black fins in the hole that the drive shaft comes through are snapped/damaged. could this be causing cavitating? are these fins important or does it not matter if they are snapped? (they are just made of plastic) can i leave them like that or do they need replacing/fixing? can they be fixed yourself or does the shop need to do it? heres the picture of them!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    any help on answering my questions would be much appreciated!


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    Sounds like you sucked something up and that's what did the damage. From my understanding, you can cut all the fins off and this should fix your problem. As they are, that would definitely be causing a cavitation issue.

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    Ooooo so if I cut all those fins off and sand all the bumps to smooth flat then it should be fine?

    I'll take it out tomorrow. If it's still cavitating then I will pull the pump back out and cut and sand those fins out? Can anyone else confirm this okay to do?

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    sand off all the fins you will be fine. if they are all there you are ok but once you break a couple your ski will start cavitating. Use a 1 " drum sander and sand it all smooth you problem will be gone...

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    +1. You either need all of the fins in perfect condition or get rid of all of them. Anything else will cause your issue.

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    Ohhhhh! So maybe it wasn't the were ring and prop? Although that probably didn't help the problem... so probably better that I did sharpen the prop up. I will get rid of all those fins tomorrow then my cavitating problem should be fixed true? is it okay to leave it like that with no fins? Anyone know wat that part is called and are they changeable just out of interest?

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    Most people call in a pump shoe but I think Seadoo in there parts diagrams call it something else.

    Sanding the fins is a whole lot easier than replacing it. There is another thread on here somewhere about what the fins are for but from what I recall know one knew the exact reason other than to aid water flow / swirling.

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    okay, so i cut those fins out. smoothed it a bit. although wasnt 100% completely smooth i thought it should be okay. i took it out over the weekend and it was greatly improved although still cavitating a little bit. im starting to think the issue is the impeller as a few people said mine is pretty damaged. are they made of stainless steel? im thinking of buying an aftermarket one hoping they are made of stainless steel and wont damage as easy? i need some advice on what size do i need? ive read a 15/22 solas would suit but just wanna confirm? my ski has no mods. and i dont plan on doing any mods to it as yet. maybe and intake grate/ ride plate later on down the track but nothing is 100% so ill say that no mods is the impeller i need. so which impeller do you think would be the best for me? 15/22 good for no mods? would i see any improvement in it with no mods? is there a better size? thanks in advance!

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    A 15/22 wouold be to much for a stock ski. Where are you located? I have 2 stock props that would work just fine.

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    Im from Australia. Are the stock made from stainless steel? They seem to break n dint easy.. Can I get something aftermarket that's stronger? Is there any aftermarket that are stronger n would give a bit better performance without mods?

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