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    TPS and Water Injection XPL 951


    Just been out on my 99 XPL and tested the TPS and water injection.

    They are working properly - 5v till 80% throttle and water rave works fine - valve shuts off water flow when inspected

    Thing is when i disconnect the TPS there is no difference in performance. I've checked and there is 5v at the tps plug and i can detect the same 5v at the mpem plug. Just seems like the tps is doing nothing !

    How much difference in performance does a functioning or broken tps make ?

    Also observed water flow from water injection while running and water flow doesen't seem to change at low or max rpm. How much should the water flow change ?

    Doing a couple of runs with no water going into the header i didn't notice any change in acceleration which is what the water is supposed to do. Probably revved a bit higher with no water.

    Any help would be appreciated because both tps and water reg valve seem to be functioning fine - they're just not having a noticeable effect on performance

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    The tps tells the mpem when to change the timing curve... You will find voltage on both the red and (Purple or Brown or Blue) no matter how you test for voltage to ground.. The reason is the tps gives those wires a ground via the black wire in the tps connector depending on the throttle position...

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    Bit confused I have - purple wire live constant 12v - black wire earth - brown/white wire gives 5v and then 0v at about 80% throttle like i thought it was supposed to.

    Question is - if i unplug the tps i don't notice a difference in anything - low down - mid range - top end.

    It's like it isn't doing anything

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