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    2013 fzs

    I recently purchased a 2013 yellow fzs! Same shit as my previous 2009 but factory backed warrenty is the plus, $20490 her is aus on a trailer with life jacket and gen cover, bit more $ then you yanks get yours for ... Anywayyy i want a r3 reflash, friend of mine has a flashed ecu for a 2010 fz, will it be compatible ? Also whats the go with the sc ? Completly new design ? Hks ?

    Thanks guys

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    Diffrent ecu i got a 2012 fx sho dont know about the fzs give it a go tho
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    look at the number stamp 6an that is for fzr fzs all years so far. So yes older fzr/s will work the same.
    fx different but a fzr/s flash can be burn into it and works fine, I have found out.

    However 2012 fx sho is a different ecu and does not work correctly on any thing but 2012 fx sho.

    So older years of fx sho different and fzr/s different,but older fx sho will work inplace of older and the newer 2012-3 fzr/s with the correct flash burn.
    2012 fx sho is the only one things are different on so far. and not backward or forward compatibal.
    Must have 2012 fx to work with fx and does not work with any other year fzr/s correctly and power will be down if u use 2012 fx with fzr or u use older fx or fzr/s ecu with 2012 fx sho

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