Tonight I cooked up some of the Striped Bass I caught yesterday. Fed my sister and wife way too much. Here is how I did it;

First off you gotta run across the Chesapeake Bay on your jet ski and catch a big 42 pound Rockfish. This recipe requires thick fillets so throw anything less than forty pounds back!

Get out the big knives to clean the big fish.

Make sure you see what your fish is eating cause inquiring minds need to know. This Striper had two big eels in him.

Put the Rock head on ice and bring it to your friends who will make a big pot of Fish soup from it.

Get all your goods together. Tonight was rice, asparagus, soy sauce, apricot preserves, cucumber salad, fresh bread and of course Rockfish. Slice up the fish about 1 inch thick. Kinda like Pork Chops.

Scoop out some apricot preserves and pour soy sauce with it in a hot pan. Reduce the mix till it starts to thicken.

Simmer covered for five minutes. Flip the chops and then cook another five minutes uncovered.

Plate it up and serve your "Rock Chop Dinner"! Your guest will not be let down.