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    Anybody Repair Ogura SC ??

    Looking for any leads or info on repairing the Ogura supercharger.

    Got one on a 07 that is locked up (34 hrs) & trying to help my customer gather some info.


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    i have one with aprox 60hrs...dropped valve in engine..i will warranty supercharger..
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    Not sure anyone repairs them, but mine locked up after I fogged it loads and left it for 2/3months with out turning it over.
    I removed the SC, took it all apart and cleaned out the salty/oily sludge that locked it up with tooth brush & WD40 on the rota's, these were fine with no damage to the coating (If the rota's are damaged then a new SC is required).
    I cleaned up the inside of the casing with Scotch bright and WD, and again came up fine, resembled with new sealant and put that Volvo compressor oil in and it has been good since.

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